Thursday, February 05, 2009

Screw Kellogs CornFlakes and Their Endorsements

I want to take this moment to say that many potheads probably eat crappy cereal such as Kellogs cornflakes and if they are so committed to a drug free policy why don't they start drug testing their employees for legal and illegal drugs. I know that many Americans would be disappointed if the wonderfully wholesome people at Kellogs (very sarcastic here) did not take a stand against pot. Drinking alchool and being alchoolic is fine but don't smoke pot. What a joke I the hyprocritical nature of such a drug using nation take a stand against Phelps for smoking pot is a giant hoax of a moral high ground that none of these people. I don't take any legal or illegal drugs (with the exception of some cappucino coconut ice cream) and in no way shape or form am I disappointed with this young man smoking pot. Heck in San Francisco it is legal why not condemn super bowls champs for drinking champagne after winning. They are sending such a bad message to young kids everywhere. This stigma on Pot has to got go at least if the people taking a stand against him were not hard drinking pill poppers they might actually have some credibility. I say Phelps lets the growing Pot and Hemp industry sponsor him instead of a highly processed and mildly toxic low grade cereal company.


Katie said...

my grandma in Iowa eats Kelloggs cornflakes and she is scared of pot. she doesn't know what "organic" food means, but she's still's just a generational/geographical thing of trusting the media and not questioning.

i don't think kelloggs really thinks pot is bad...but they are scared cause my grandma and the mainstream media thinks it's bad, so they gotta do whatever makes/saves money.

but grandma sure gives lotsa love, so oh well for her completely different values and opinions...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree I have always loved the name katie. My first crush in Kindegarten was a Katie.

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