Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tell Me about Your Life

According something that racks up numbers there are people out there and who knows where that read this blog and I am told so by some tracking system it even tells me from where people are from and how long they were on thsi website, but it doesn't tell me anything else. I would love to just hear a few simple things about you whoever you are and what makes you tick and how and why you check out my site. I have crossed paths with so many different people and try to generally not allow myself to fall into a rut and I am always looking to break habits that no longer serve me.

Where am I exactly and where do we allow our minds to drift off to and at our core we are all the same and yet specially unique, but we all dealing with trying to figure how we fit into this life and what is our purpose on this planet. Some people are told their purpose and might very rarely question such a thing and take it at face value. The troublemakers are the ones who think for themselves, but this is not an easy thing to do. Rampant consumerism that takes place here and many other places doensn't happen because people are thinking for themselves. Most things in moderation is a phrase that I hear quite often, but moderation is something we hear about, but mostly everyone is overly indulgent or extremely rigid and never give themselves any opportunity to indulge in the smallest ways. I do not believe that moderation is a myth, but it rarely happens in this day an age and is to be applauded whenever we witness such a beautiful act of simplicty. The greatest lives are made of beautiful acts of simplicty and perhaps just telling me a few small things about yourself would be amazing. I want to know that you are alive and out there and if you don't want people reading it you can e-mail at

Many different roads but if we follow our heart it will lead us to the same destination. We all take missteps but we always have an opportunity to go a different way. I am learning to listen to the guidance that I receive in the silence. Now is a time to look wihtin yourself and you will find greater and greater results thru this inner search. We have the ability to transcend what the world appears to be. May our peace spreaad to all corners of this world and beyond.


Anonymous said...

I live in NYC, and I met you once early last year in Union Square at night. You snapped your fingers at my chest a few times while you spoke and I felt things change and had trouble speaking for a moment because of what I was experiencing. I am not someone who needs to be convinced of or believe in a power "to heal," as I understand something of what it is you do and recognize the potential within myself to do the same (whether or not I would describe it as healing, specifically). I don't know if this is something you have thought about, but it might be useful to look into specific applications for what you do so as to more effectively benefit people. I know of some doctors here who have studied the uses of this manipulation of "energy" (I don't like using that vague word), and employ it their practice. Further study might prove to be a great benefit.
I read your blog because your lifestyle is something to possibly take inspiration from. You break important boundaries I have as yet been reluctant to break. While I am significantly younger than you and "have time" for all this, it is nonetheless something to take inspiration from. Ironically, I read your blog when I am at my computer (not bringing my potential Self to life through action in the world), so I don't know whether my presence here is benefiting me or is a further hindrance to my development and self-expression.
As to who I am, I am a college student in new york city beginning my potential study of Analytical Psychology.

Anonymous said...

That was truly awesome and thank you. And we all take that leap when we are ready. It reaches a point where becomes too unbearable not to take the leap. Really thrilled to someone give me exactly what I asked for. Thank you immensely. I have done healing work on almost anything and have seen its pratical application in numerous ways and it continues to inspire me for the potential that exists. Don't be hard on yourself just starting taking steps that help you break your routine.

Mercedes said...

i read this because i recognized your picture! i saw you at bonnaroo this year walking around. and as far as a little about my life i'm an artist and an art student at a college in alabama. i love this world, and i'm on a journey just like everyone else trying to figure out what's going, how i'm going to live these decades i'm going to be here.i love moments when i don't just know everyone's connected, this immense love, but when i feel it. when i am it,submerged and whole. no analization and disection, just being. it puts things into perspective.

MINNEY said...

i met you about 3 years ago, and while we don't talk much right now, I live my life each day with what I've learned from spending time with you and the insight you've given me.

- josh in boston

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