Friday, October 31, 2008

Open Up And Just Accept

I am in Chicago thanks to the magic of craigslist rideshare past and present. Sitting here listen to Jamie Lidel. All about silence doing the talking blasting in my ears. I first found Mr. Lidel at Sasquatch and I danced as if a man possessed by the dancing spirits of days past. He reminds me of Little Ritchie meets james Brown meets a British version of Feris Bueler with a touch of Detroit electronic. We live how whole lives and music and people make for the background of our lives and at certain points that background moves to the forefront. Are you enjoying this moment? If not perhaps it is the way you are looking or perhaps you need to be somewhere. By the way when your friends hook-up, date, marry, and or have kids with people that you had something with just smile and let it go because acceptance is a powerful thing that allows us to enjoy this moment for what we have now.

At times I know that this world is nothing that it seems to be I too get caught up in everything that does not mean a hill of beans unless of course you have a mad love affair with beans.

Last night I saw a Israel girl named Shira that I had met on the street a year ago. Often I don't mention people's names but I feel like I am holding back by not mentioning it. I met her on the street a year ago and was intensely drawn to her, but when I saw her she did not seem herself and I could feel all things that she was holding back and it made me anxious until I helped her let go of it. And I could tell that she wanted to drop this heaviness and felt amazing to help her do that in whatever small way that I am capable of as a vessel for change. I met up with another friend of mine Jackie last night. I first met her at a Lalapoolza and then really connected again about a year later in union square park. People that you know from one place pop up in other place and will people different roles depending on what lessons we need to realize. As I arrived in Chicago a woman banged on the car window of the car obviously intensely suffering, but not for the reasons she claimed. She said, "she was 4 months pregnant and bleeding and needed money for a taxi". Something about it felt funny though there was certainly desperation. I told my friend Jackie this story and she had been told the exact same story. The only twist was in my story she told us that she was HIV positive. I assume that she did this so we would be less inclined to give her a ride to the hospital.

I think how much somebody must be suffering to create a story up like that and how torn people must be between what the feel and what they are being told. All of us have to do the best we can in order to make thru the maze of this world and all the different challenges that are thrown at us and sometimes we have decide very quickly. It is important for us to hone our instincts and just listen to that feeling deep within our core and allow it to guide us. I do my best to hear everyday and pray that I make the highest choice for all people involved

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Anonymous said...

growing up and living in New York has exposed me to such an experience many many's hard and trying and is a very potent test for any individual who gives a damn about integrity, awareness and clarity...

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