Sunday, November 30, 2008

May I feel the suchness of it all

This time of year I find that we are all more likely to think about people that we have lost touch with and reach out to them via e-mail or phone call and sometimes it gives us an amazing chance to bury the pains that we are holding onto in our mind and body. I am waking up more and more to the simple fact that one simple moment happens and the direction of our lives can change very quickly. Sometimes perhaps we were headed in that direction all along and other times great efforts can be made to avert emotional and mental suffering. I have been blessed to meet some very incredible people on my journey who have consciously and unconsciously made me aware of things that I need to work on. I often view myself as simple man, but in actuality I still have mind clutter that I am bring more attention to it so that I can allow it to quickly pass and not placing judgment on it. I was recently spending time in the physical presence of Amma allowing me to reconnect with numerous people from different points in my journey. I know that there are many methods to making the mind still, but find Yoga in conjunction with tai-chi/chi-gong and the blessing of saints to be beautiful ways to progress on our spiritual path.

I find my mind in difficult emotional moments looking to find a external distraction so that I won't have to be present with an unpleasant emotion. I try to catch myself more quickly when I do these behaviors. Today I ran into someone at the grocery store in SF who I had seen outside of a coffee shop in Silver Lake and we started talking and when I told her my name she realized that I had hung out with her and her boyfriend in San Diego 3 years ago. I felt that she was familiar when I saw her in LA and in SF I had an opportunity to understand why she was familiar. I have always been fascinated by the web of connection and I do my little part to make people of aware of it by my own awareness of it.

THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT IS NOT CONNECTED and when we realize this things like war will eventually become outdated. May this new year bring in greater awareness and may we all take time to slow down and appreciate the simple amazing things that we take for granted. May we take this time and send blessings to people that enrich our lives currently and from the past. May we allow ourselves to fully value that amazing people that we have in our lives. After seeing Amma and even during I had the thought in my mind that everyone before me has an opportunity to show that unconditional love to all beings who we encounter.

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