Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We beat the Dress off of Hilary Clinton

I know some of you think that I didn't win this presidential campaign, but you are completely off your rocker if you think. Because I am still running and more importantly we outlasted the Clinton campaign machine with almost no money spent and no real effort made. She is still in debt and considering taking a position in Obama's cabinet. We are not even considering taking a position not that he has bothered to ask. Perhaps Obama's staff is mildly bitter that we did not concede and still have not conceded. Victory is ours we will not declare defeat we will be like Apollo in Rocky IV which worked out really good for him. We outlasted Hilary and Bill we are the Champions My friends like a Queen song during a Freddie Mercury marathon when she folded we proudly sang the song "another ones bites the dust and kept going". We can not be held down. When times were tough we said "what would Puff Daddy Do?" Instead of others who might have asked what Jesus would do. We considered being Martyrs and being on that whole cross thing, but Fox news never would have covered so why bother. We shall overcome my friends there will be couchsurfing in the white and we will sell pot to Taliban and get them stoned out of their mind and then we will get them laid and then they will lack motivation to do anything against other then bitch like my mother when I forgot to take out the garbage and or when I did not do my homework.

People absurdity is the greatest force that our campaign has we are fast approaching history and we are gearing up for 2012 and the buzz about our campaign is huge it is bigger then Pee Wees Big Adventure bigger then Johnny Deep on 21 jump street. We have seen the promise land and there is free music festival tickets for everyone. We have lots of people from Canada and Mexico who tried to vote for us and one day we will invade them for their water and workers and watch out democratic party because we will make this country very green.

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