Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just because they Look Great for cuddling Doesn't Mean they won't hurt you

I was glimpsing at Yahoo headline which for once did not revolve around Lindsey Lohan and read an article about a 20 year old college student in China who hopped the fence to get a hug from a Panda bear. He was mauled by the Panda bear and is in stable condition now, but he felt that the bear seemed so cute. You would think this would be something that a younger child would do, but not someone who is 20 years old. We as people are so starved for physical affection and love that we would hop a fence in hopes to receive it from a giant Panda bear. He was in awe of the Panda's cuteness and willing to put himself in harms way. It appears the Panda did not feel the same way about him or has issues with physical contact when it involves a different species. I really understand after incidents such as this why people wait hours on line to get a hug from Amma. There really is such a shortage of love that people show each other that some people are willing to risk their lives to receive love from Panda bears in the zoo.

Maybe the Panda really did want an embrace from the student but had his own abandonment issues from his mother and felt that the boy would do the same thing to him. The panda figured he would hurt the boy before the boy could hurt him. Or maybe the better had psychic abilities and realized that by biting him he would save him from the far greater disaster of him trying to hug one of the lions in the zoo. This Panda bear may have very well saved this young man's life. Though I must admit I too find Panda bears to be cute, but I recognize that not everyone that I may find cute wants to be hugged by me. I have made peace with this simple truth of life and I hope this young man can do the same without a resentment towards Panda bears.

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