Monday, March 20, 2006

Every Failure is an Opportunity to Make it Big

Every now and then the idea crosses my mind that Blind Date will be my greatest career accomplishment. Then I will fall off the Ben & Jerry's wagon and gorge myself in ice cream until I become mildly rotund.

What if I never do anything more significant then Blind Date? What if Roger Lodge uttering my name on national television was the closest I will ever get to greatness? (The answer to this is: no, I will laugh my ass off and turn it into a screenplay.)

There are about a billion different ways to make it to the top. There really is no such thing as failure. Just ask William Hung from American Idol. The only way you fail is when you stop trying. (Yes, it sounds cliche but it still remains true.)

Keep stepping up to the plate: eventually the pitcher will hit you with the baseball and you will get on base. As long as you get there, who cares how you did it? Do you think the strippers that receive $20 bills from William Hung care that he did not win American Idol? The anwser, my friends, is no.

America is a country of a thousand and one chances; never stop playing and you always have a chance. In the end, know that you will be successful and that failure only makes you more intriguing. Mike Tyson reached his peak in popularity only when he started losing all the time and biting people's ears off. Nobody likes somebody who always wins.

It is alot like the special olympics; everybody is a winner, assuming that they keep trying. Even the kid that finishes in last place has a shot at an endorsement deal if they lose in an intensely desperate fashion. If you fail enough, you may eventually even become a punchline for failing and you can get your image trademarked.

Sometimes when you win you really lose and sometimes when you lose you really win. Jail was one of the best things possible for Mike Tyson, 2Pac, and Martha Stewart's career for that matter it kept their spending down and their intrigue up. ( I do not recommend prison by the way)

In conclusion even if I fail in writing this article in any sort of cohesive way as long as you smile or laugh at least once you will probably read other articles that I may end up writing.


The More Loving One said...

i really don't have much clever to say....but, i agree with you. esp. with my background in performance art...the amount of rejection u go through really is maddening. you feel like a border-line love with this art-form that really makes you feel like shit about yourself. then all of the sudden, that notion dies, and you become pure and one with your experiences. it's a kind of acceptance i have now. i just don't give a damn who approves or disapproves of my love for my music. it is what it is and i only surround myself with those who add to my energy. anyway, i like reading your posts. i like that i still hear from u even though i've never had a real conversation with u ever.

Te'DeVan said...

A million words can be expressed in the simple gesture of hello or just a bow. Everyday I walk by countless people and there is some form of recognition in both of our eyes as we cross. All that needs to be said is said in that single solitary moment. I think of all the akward conversations that people have tried to make with me. And in the past I had tried to make the same akward conversations with them. It was all based on some idea of expectations that somebody had to speak as if sitting in silence is a misdenamor and nobody wants to get a ticket for it.I thoroughly enjoy committing misdenamors and I highly recommend that more people do just enjoy the silence.

Reverend Steve said...


Thank you for making the world a more interesting place.

I really, really like this entry. (Fuck Tony Robbins.)


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