Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Women Love Nomads...

...because we are absolutely guaranteed to break their heart! (Problem is, sometimes it can break our hearts as well!).

When they meet us an we are intriguing, different and even somewhat safe because we will be gone before they know it. It may encourage them to open up to us even more than they would otherwise. However, they eventually start dreaming that maybe we would stop being a nomad for them. (The thing that makes it worse is that for some of them we would consider it or at least consider spending less time on the road.)

We never stay long enough for the petty arguments to begin. We usually part on a good note and when it feels unfinished, we both may desire to see each other again (often in a different city or country). They love us because we are free flowing like leaves in the wind; we have seen a bit more and loved more then a great deal many people. A true nomad is enraptured with life and all that it entails.

Everyone loves adventure; nomads are a living embodiment of this adventure. A true nomad won't settle anywhere for long. They just keep building lives for themselves all over the place. Each place a different world and those worlds start overlapping and it all forms one world. Then these women start to know through our nomadic example that all worlds are one.

All of us are one and our oneness is the story of this planet. Living life as we feel makes us mysterious and the mystery that surrounds us is the same mystery that surrounds all life. (Sometimes we try and block that out.) We do live in a mad world and nomads are madness at its finest. The dreams in which I'm flying are the best I ever had.

Some small part of them desires to be on the road with us and seeing how life unfolds, but instead of offering to leave they tell us not to go. They are held down by invisible anchors that they will not abandon. Even writing this on rainy day in Santa Cruz makes me wonder. The one biggest thing I have noticed as a traveler is that people with everything offer me nothing and people with nothing offer me everything and all it does is make me think about something. Quite often in life that something is women and the right women for me will most likely be a nomad.


Reverend Steve said...

Hey man, not just women are drawn to nomads... I just prefer my nomads to be clean shaven!

I used to think women loved anarchists for the same reason. Then I realized that I am actually not an anarchist, just a delusional yuppie. That was about the same time that my love life dried up...

Te'DeVan said...

Che Guevera technically was a delusional yuppie. His family was from the upper class and would have had alot more money had his father not pissed it away. He was in med school for Christ's sake and he lost his virignity to his housekeeper. I at least had the deceny to lose to my virginity on a coin toss.

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