Thursday, March 16, 2006

Inflitration of the Education System

Yes I like to say bold over the top statements such as inflitration even though it may increase my sketch factor by about a hundred assuming that my sketch factor can even go up from this point. Any revolution has to go where some of the best young promising minds from tommorrow are located. And though I do believe that "instituion will dull your mind" (to quote JOhn Nash in a Beuatiful Mind) I still believe that many of rhe great future minds will be found there such as John Nash. It is hard to turn down a free ride to any prestigious university. Recently I spent 2 weeks at Stanford and now I am at Santa Cruz typing away in a library. I did my first healing on campus this morning and called it "A quantum physcis experiment". Truthfully a great deal of what I do is a quantum physica experiment and eventually I will help somebody win a nobel prize for their research on the subject. I gave the Stanford medical guys a chance to be the first people to write an article about the ticking sound that you can hear coming out my right ear (you did not miss read that). At last they were all too busy to make medical history. People are all too busy, but if we the nomads or just people with free time and some free thoughts walk on to these college campuses we can have a tremendous impact. SOme of you look younger then I do and you should infiltrate other highschools or middle schools for that matter. Once thoughts are provoked a chain reaction begins and then we hava a whole new ball game. This will take some patience on our parts and ability to reword things in a way that they will accept i.e. "quantum physics experiment". We must all continue to forge ahead because this saving the world thing is not over by a long shot. Don't focus on what you can not control right now and instead focus on what you can effect. They might be impacted by you more then you ever know, but the surface change may not take place for years. Viva la revolucion and keep meditating. Mediation leads to awareness and awareness leads to change.
much love to all of you,
Te'Devan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil


Reverend Steve said...

Dude, stop adding names. It makes it a pain in the ass to Google-search your ass.

PS.> Have you seen The Hebrew Homie?

Te'DeVan said...

I promise in the short term there will be no more adding of names. Besides I might end up falling into a well and then I'd be screwed. I just read that article thank you for it.

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