Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HAving Riches in Regards to material won't bring joy

So often the culture teaches and talks incessantly about other people's lives many of whom are often struggling and not in anyway happy yet people try to model their lives after these people. The most simple people I meet retain the most joy and are not dependent on what happens around them for that joy. I still find myself looking for approval and external joy yet the inner part of me knows very profoundly that these things are all fleeting and that cultivating my spiritual practices is what will help me to find a greater peace that is not disturbed by the coming and goings of the world. Suppressing your emotions is a harmful thing to do and many people constantly are doing just that, but being attached to your emotions is also harmful. I find myself waking up to certain realizations and wanting to tap into more of my potential and to help others around the world do the same. Drinkable water an abundance of food and free education are things that many of us take for granted while in other places they must fight to have these things. I hope to be more giving and have more to give in this coming year. I hope to relinquish myself of attachments to things thst hold me back and embrace my intution without hesistation trusting it in all my choices.

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