Saturday, January 19, 2008

All is Silent and Then The Eruption Takes Place

I have noticed in my life that at times where things seem more quiet then usual it is a little lull before the fireworks take place. It is of great importance to take advantage of the quiet time and not complain about being bored because before you know it you would do anything for some rest. Recently things have been slow or slow by the standards of activity that normally define my life though it has certainly been beautiful. I have come to realize that when things are slow we to rush them and make them go fASTER and when they are fast we are begging for them to slow down. Life is full of waves and just allowing them to run their course brings about the best results. I have not written recently and it is because everytime I get to a computer I just don't have anything that I want to say or I want to say too much and end up writing nothing at all. All the people you are maent to meet in life will cross your path and keep dancing because I have always found that opens up doors for me.

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sonny said...

I have been back home in America since New Years Eve and it has been a slow and silent time. I have thought about exactly what you have just written. 2008 is a Year of Great Significance I Feel.

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