Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Long Shots Are My Favorite

The thing about long shots coming thru is that they always do and it is the best feeling in the world when it happens. We all to watch the underdog succeed, but many times they did not feel that way inside. They knew that they were going to succeed all along it was merely the rest of the world that was shocked. The rest of the world never saw it coming with the exception of a few other people. It always seems more obvious in hindsight and even though all the signs may be there in the moment alot of people if Daniel from the karate kid was really going to win. Even as a champion people still considered him an underdog. The New England Patriots are now considered a Dynasty in American Football, but in their first super bowl run they were considered a huge underdog earlier in the season when their starting quarterback went down and they were off to a poor start.

Life is full of these moments and we can sieze anyone of these moments if we allow ourselves to be deeply present and aware of this moment. Tap into something beyond what most people consider possible such as when the American's beat the Russians back in that fateful day in 1980. They make entire movies and write entire books about long shots. In many respects the very fact that this planet is capable of sustaining sometimes intelligent life is a long shot. 2008 is the year of the long shot and not just because our underdog presidential campaign is going to enter onto the radar. This a great year for long shots and a great year were the impossible shall become possible. Hope in abundance is my pledge for the new year.

In other news ...... I am in Santa Cruz and on my way back to San Francisco and shall be heading to Langrado in the everglades in early March on the advice of a bunch of really amazing friends from a few different places. Check it out when you have a moment and any youtube videos that you enjoy on "slacker prophet" forward them on your myspace, facebook and everything else because that is a really simple way for us to get the word out. We are also looking for anyone who wants to donate a bus a be part of the adventure as we travel around the country meeting America and sleeping on their couches,floors, attics, garages, and sometimes beds in a quest to really open up this race and let people realize that your vote may not count but your voice does that we need to take back the reigns of our country. All of us are a part of something great that will go down in history. The long shot heard round the world.

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