Saturday, January 05, 2008

Its Not Always Sunny in California

I am currently in Santa Cruz and it just keeps raining and then it lets up for 10 minutes and then it comes down more and more and yet I still have to remind myself that all of this will pass the rain and my life. Each moment we have an opportunity to feel something and those feelings will vary greatly, but I find myself at times not wanting to acknowledge the feelings or resist things as they are and think that I can make them something else. I can make alot of choices in my life but a great deal of other things I have to allow unfold when the time is appointed and being anxious or confused about it does not help bring about a quicker outcome. I have been have a strong yearning to be in a tropical paradise somewhere and to swim for hours and immerse myself in the ocean which most resembles the womb. We are all mostly made of water and the ocean when it is not polluted has an amazing cleansing quality to it.

Allowing our imaginations to guide us we can soar to new heights in many different respects. I am dreaming of adventures on the road with a bus that runs on veggie oil and seeing all of my friends all around the country and connecting with other people. The more we connect the more we can accomplish. There is a time for all things and it is recognizing when the time has come and acting in that moment and constantly preparing yourself for whatever task you are setting out to accomplish.

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