Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We are Drawn to People Often For Reasons Beyond our Understanding

Some people will have intense pulls on us for a very brief moment and other people will constantly pull on us throughout our entire lives and we may never know exactly which is which until we are about to leave this plain of existence. I am one for seeing htat I am such a small part in the cosmic play of life being played at in this time, yet all small parts are important and we lay groundwork down for others to follow whether it be or children or someone else. Sharing sincere genuine experiences is what this life is all about and to share them with people who can appreciate them be it your best friend or the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop. Allow your inner guidance to move you in all situations. It is very subtle voice most of the time but sometimes it becomes quite pronounced once we silence our mind. We are always projecting into most situations fears and worries based on our past experiences or the past experiences of others. I am here to be in the fullness of now and now offers the greatest fullfillment if we can embrace things as they are and love them for what they are in this moment. To encourage people but not too pressure them to act out of love intead of fear of not being enough. Merely being fully present makes you more then enough. Most people are missing their lives one moment at a time because they are off somewhere else and wondering why nothing ever feels good. Nothing feels really good for many people because they are not allowing themselves to experience life. They have walls upon walls which keep them from being deeply rooted in the now and all the power that the present moment holds. Hold this present moment dear becuase this moment now is the only moment you have to relinquish your suffering and the suffering of others. Be here now for yourself and the world around you.

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