Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Inspiration Strikes Go With IT

Not every action we take will be of the highest magnitude, but don't hold that against yourself instead step forward towards making higher choices that will help to awaken the planet and your brave choices will inspire other people to do the same. We are society that has been ruled by fear and love has a hard time rooting itself when fear is controlling so many of our actions. Make sure that we are in balance so that our relationships are better in balance. If we love without attachment then people will start to move to do the same with others. Love for many people feels like some type of burden. We are all making the world what it is right now and our choices will bring about change. Change is a seed that we all have and when we are present it begins to grow with great strength. I am the lover of now and now offers freedom beyond measure compared to external rewards that offered. May I seek never to lash out when things don't go how I expected rather allow myself to go with the way things are not how I feel they should be.

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