Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Power of Being Deeply Present

It is such a simple thing yet the mind wants to keep us thinking instead of merely being present in the current moment and adjusted to things as they are happening in "real time". We often spend too much time making plans and instead we should be expereincing everything that this moment offers instead of waiting for a future moment to save us from this experience. I am catching myself more quickly when I become caught in the inner workings of my mind and all the clutter that needs to be cleaned out. I put my full faith in the Guru/God and know that all others will eventually fall prey to the delusions of maya/ego myself included. Until we are deeply anchored in this present moment so that we are not pulled in different directions by a mulitude of distractions. Nobody no matter how amazing or generous can offer us anything that we don't already have within ourself. Repeat that sentiment to yourself and feel the ring of truth behind it and now decide if your actions are in accordance with this belief. I think of sprinkling rainbow water of the brightesst dimensions and sometimes my eyes see things that others are not ready to see and there are people who see things that I am not ready to see. At one point most people were color blind imagine being one of the first people to see color. In our own way when the mind is still we have the opportunity to notice thoughts in patterns inside of ourselves and in our exterior environment that allow us to better find a higher understanding. We keep taking steps towards a truer knowing of our core and not as affected by what is happening around us and we remain in this moment and experiencing it to the fullest yet we can't become attached to it because another moment flows forth from what is transpiring right now.

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