Monday, January 01, 2007

How I kiss a girl Being there is a foot or more height difference

I spread my legs and get in a wider stance. You'd be amazed how many people have asked me that question. I thought I would answer that question. The other option is that she leaps onto me like a Koala bear or a kangaroo's baby. This once occurred after freestlye rapping to a girl. She was not really into the whole healing idea, but a good freestyle about the moonlight and her eyes sealed the deal. I am romantic, but I am honest one and I recognize that I am the same is everyone else except maybe a little more hungry for some action. But I want the everlasting never going to fuck stop or let you down action. It is indeed a beautiful day and time to put it out there. Whatever is that you are passionate about expresss and let the world know. Especially let the French know that you may be an ugly American, but your passionate one and you want to bring peace to yourself and your country. Papa Nutrino recently told me that we should bomb poor countries with food and medical supplies. I agree whole heartedly it seems like a positive form of bombing. It is like "Food Not Bombs" to the next level. By the way I want to thank you guys for your work and I have benefited from a few of your wonderful meals. Keep it up and don't let any of these crazy cops giving out tickets for feeding the homeless stop you. As I type this there are French people next to me at the Mac store amazed that they can get free internet access. By the way people get internet access is not really that challenging these days. College campuses, Mac stores, Colleges, your friends, some strangers, etc.... Use your intution and keep thinking of new ways to get your message out there.

We are all born to be great in our own amazing ways. Recognize what you do well in life and keep doing it. And may the crowd go agog after they read the blog. I've always wanted to say that ever since I learned the word agog. Keep hitting the streets/parks/bars and everything else and treat strangers as if they are your long lost brothers and sisters for indeed they are just that my friend that I have yet to meet in person.

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