Sunday, January 14, 2007

When Disaster Strikes...

Well we all know that it is somewhat of inevitablity with everything that is happening around us. Yet, it is not something to dread and certainly something that we still have a say in. Yet, 2007 will probably go down in history as year of tremendous global catastrophes with both environmental, disease, and war related devastation. It will be a year of many floods and faminies. Yet, this all a part of the growing pains process. All of this will encourage people to find the strength that exists deep inside of us that has been dormant. Part of me did not want to write this blog at all, but there is this other part of me that felt this needed to be said. I can feel as I am in San Francisco and earth that we are not in balance with at the moment and drastic changes will have to take place so that we can come back in balance with the planet. We are taking steps, but we still need to take more of them and they need to be larger strides. I feel that this year will be a year that the planet reminds of this simple fact that policy makers commonly ignore, because it is not particualarly convient nor pleasant to think about. Yet, it is certainly something that needs to be done. Another reason I write this blog is that we have the power to decrease the severity of these events. It is our thoughts and actions that got us into this mess and new thoughts and actions will get us out of this mess.

I did not write this blog to make anybody worry. I merely wrote it so that if these events do take place this year your able to see the vast opportunity to improve our worldly situation. We have started to wake up, but we still need a much greater focus towards cleaning up the environment. I know despite all of this chaos that for many people that this will be an incredible year towards the future, but I desired to put out a warning of some bumps along the road that may initally appear to be mountains, but are merely small bumps. Perhaps this will be a blog to revisit at some point later in the year. I wish all of you well and keep listening and following your intution.

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