Saturday, January 20, 2007

Understanding the emotions in our Rain and Water

The rain comes down and all the dirt is washed away for a moment. In this moment, that is ever transparent we can see what awaits us right around that corner. We have all that emotion, but we choose to stay away from it most of the time. That emotion is the thing that scares us and also makes us feel most alive. We have all felt deeply and have all been cut, stabbed, and shot in the heart in one way or another. Each time it seems more intense then the last. It is a way of making us surrender and admit what we are feeling. To own your feelings is such a powerful thing and it will intimidate people because they run for something to numb their feelings any time they feel even the slightest stirring. We owe to ourselves not to repress how we are feeling. When I watch a great movie or television show I have moments where I see how our own lives seem so wonderfully scripted accept we don't know what is written on the next page. I get up every day in a feeling of quiet euphoria in regards to what is on the next page and who is about to enter into my life.

The world is truly a revolving stage and I do believe that we have known each other in so many different lives (loves) that when we meet there is this feeling of here we go again. People that dig at these emotions are some of the most valuable people in my life. We are all there for one another to help with a light fixture in each others play. Perhaps we gave someone a ride to go meet the one that he or she will marry or delayed them just long enough to save their lives. We are constantly involved in each other lives in ways that are extremely subtle but impactful. Never for a single solitary moment doubt that you are not changing this world just with your thoughts. Knowing that everything you touch in front of you was merely a thought at one point. Everything that you used today (and probably took for granted) was just a thought. How powerful can a thought be? I would say that a thought could have ramifications that could change the world. And if that thought is positive then share it with everyone you think is ready to listen. As we take in the silence, we can hear the sounds that are neglected. We can better understand nature and the order of things that goes beyond mere social dynamics.

There is an intricate design and we all feel it at times, but sometimes we feel a fear of admitting that we believe in it because we don't want to be wrong. I have been the fool many times in my life, but it has given me greater understanding of what I truly care about. I am hearing sirens in the background of the city which means someone is undergoing some sort of dramatic change in their life and I sit here mentioning it because all those things that most people pay little attention to start to add up and brings about the world that we live in. Everything has always been starring us in the face, but we refuse to face it because it would mean that we have to change our beliefs. The moment we truly confess that we know very little, is the same moment that we truly can begin to learn how to embrace the moment. To learn things that enrich our lives gives a greater sense of purpose and my greatest purpose is peace. And may I never get in my own way of knowing this ever magnificent peace. Allow it to radiate in every atom in body. May I become AWAKE. LET ME AWAKEN FROM MY SLUMBER. I won't to no longer dwell in delusion and mere intellectual speculation may I realize the diviness of acceptance that we envy in the animals that we call Pets (replace Pets with Teachers). May we all know greater wisdom and may the wisdom spread so that we can begin to address the mounting list of problems that we have been neglected because of our obcession with denying things in hopes that it will merely go away.

My Yearning to find greater awareness continues to intensify and it guides me in ways that feel as if a force moves thru me that directs me towards a greater love that I want to feel with every little skin tissue that makes up my body. May my sensitivity continue to grow and flow like the water that makes up most of our body.

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JMinney said...

i woke up sunday morning, without having read this and turned to the girl next to me and laughed, she asked what was so funny, and i told her I was laughing because I KNOW NOTHING

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