Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here it IS.....

Every now and then I don't feel like going out and socializing and I want to soak up NYC even if I am couple thousand miles away from it. I do this by watching Sex And The City. I have such a humorous weakness for this show. I have been away from New York city for 6 months. It makes me laugh, but it also kind of makes me ache for NYC. Unfortunately the NYC that I love walking around is not so friendly this time of year. I still love the place, but NYC and I have had a bit seasonal relationship. One of the things that can be so challenging about moving around so much is that I am always saying goodbye sometimes at the same time that I am saying hello. I have been thinking about curbing my roaming feet or curtailing the wanderlust. I wonder where I will settle in. All this roaming has been wonderful and I am thinking about laying anchor somewhere. Yet I am somewhat timid of the idea of calling one place home. I think I want to have two homes and want the place to scream at me "This is It". I want it to be clear. I want it to be so obvious that it is impossible to say no.

Sometimes I find myself in New York City when it is cold on a rare occassion. We have so many options in this world and I have spent alot of my time exploring as many of them as possible. I miss all of my friends everywhere yet we can't be everywhere at the same time. I guess what I am saying is that I am ready to enter into a new phase in my life. The question is not about when as it is about where. Life is all about being happy and being a nomad has made me very happy, but I am going to start a bit of curtailing to my wandering Sadhu days. It doesn't mean that I won't be traveling, but I want to have a place to call home. I want to be able to offer random strangers I meet a place to stay. I want to wake up in the morning and seeing people meditating and doing yoga in the living room. I want to be a part of a community of people that are committed to finding love within themselves and in everything that they see. I don't care if I am successful or famous I just want to create a spot full of people that are oozing bliss.


Anonymous said...

hey t. it's addie. your words make me feel thankful to be alive.

Te'DeVan said...

That is so beautiful sweetheart. That makes my heart sing. Keep making art in all of its forms. Don't let anyone stand in your way especially yourself.

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