Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's Make the PLUNGE

Okay, this may sound shocking, but I swear that what I am about to say is true. I have been holding back. I am letting go of more of my hang-ups and really fully and completely and embracing the flow. I have not been going for it to the degree that I need to allow of these things to happen. I have been taking steps towards freeing my mind, but still there is programming that I HAVE WITHIN my mind that is not benefiting me or the world I live in. I am letting go of these things to make space for a higher vibration to come through me. My awareness is growing as I increase the depth of my breath. Somehow the simplest thing that most people take for granted seems to be the key to realizing the greatness of potential that we all possess. I find myself getting out of my own way more and more. Basically I forgo the idea of how I think things have to happen and just focus on doing what I enjoy in this present moment.

We over-think things all the time and it keeps us slightly paralyzed from doing what we truly desire to do. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? When you go outside think about positively impacting at least one person's life everyday or maybe three people or maybe more. Imagine if all of us had that in mind in all our interactions. Don't give people want they say they want, give them what they actually want. I find people ask me for money for alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, but they really just want to have a conversation with someone and see that people will acknowledge them. We can get so caught up in our ideas that we lose sight of all the things that actually matter. So what matters to you? You play hooky from school, but are you also playinog from the life you want? Are you being the person you knew that you could be or do you hold back because you're scared that if you really let yourself be that you would be caught out there? Wherever there is, but maybe that there was meant to be here and you're the one who is going to channel it through? We would all be better off if you shared your gifts. If you made 10 people's day then you were successful. Sometimes you will stumble and sometimes you may not look cool, but be your


dr john bender said...

This too is something I learned from NLP. It is not enough to be yourself. You must be your best self.

I'll make the plunge with you, brother!

Te'DeVan said...

Thank you that means alot. How did we get here again? Is a question that goes thru my mind from time to time as I end up on one couch/floor/bed. How did all of this happen, but at the same time how could this not have happened. It is about letting go of the feeling of being annoyed. People get addicted to always been offended and frustrated and I am allowing myself to let go of it.
The Plunge begins NOW!

JMinney said...

i'm in too

Te'DeVan said...

Anyone else

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