Monday, January 29, 2007

Another way to spell Greyhound Disfunciton

Yeah I spelled it wrong just casue it ssememe ffiting and I have an aaversion to seplling or maybe laziness. Maybe I am rebelling against my english teachers that marked me off when I was younger. When you get out of prison you get a free greyhound ticket. I am not saying this to scare or encourage you to take a greyhound. I am merely stating a fact. Take it how you will. Greyhounds are the same and they will do the same. Greyhounds gather alot of military personal, single mothers, Meth addicts, Drunks, Stoners, College students, Criminals, illegal immigrants, Evangelists, and anyone with a couple of dollars and dream to start over somewhere (greensboro North Carolina). In fact they are pretty much willing to get off the bus at your stop if you can offer them any opportunity. I feel that anyone running for president of the United States should take a 12 hour plus greyhound ride. You learn alot about the suffering and hope of the people of this nation. At times the bus drivers can seem a bit crazy, completely indifferent, or on a rare occassion a spiritual vegeterian (his name was Frank). All of these people are completely packed in tightly or spread sporadically throughout the bus depending on what time of day, year, and cities that you are traveling thru. Everyone of them has a story to tell and you'll hear their story whether you want to or not. And sometimes they don't speak, but still their story is written all over their face. I have seen it quite clearly with runaways and people just out of prison, but it still only tells part of their story. The face of humanity exists on a dog called a Greyhound known for speedily racing around the track. Only on extremely rare occasions are Greyhound buses speedy. I totally lose track of all the places that these buses of tragic nobility have taken me, but they have been a part of my journey. Nothing and I truly mean this is more American then greyhound. It tells a timeless American story. Craigslist has changed Greyhound's significance in my life, but still it is something that I hop on rare occassion with a feeling of both dread and excitement. Everytime you take a Greyhound I usually happily swear that it is my last greyhound and usually there is another one that is calling me to some other city and I can't resist the call of travel even if my best way of getting there is Greyhound.
IF Mark Twain was alive I am sure that he would have dedicated pages of Prose to the the Greyhound. So I dedicate this blog to Greyhound and America. God Bless America and God Bless the Greyhound.

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