Friday, February 02, 2007

Mine as well face it your addicted to Blogging

It is true I am either writing a blog these days or thinking about writing a blog these days. There is an overwhelming force that commences to sit down and stick my head real close to the point that I might actually merge with the screen and form one identity. Yet, It makes sense because I want to grab you out of your seat and lit fire that coarses thru your whole entire being. I want to help put every cell on fire. I want you to be overwhelemed to do whatever it is that you have been dreaming about doing. For me it involves vegetable oil buses, a presidential race, couchsurfing, and a total media circus with Smiley playing ring master and me sitting somewhere off to the side meditating and giving speeches as they are needed. I know that this will take place. Each day I can feel the stage being set. I am actually in the process of putting a treatment together and getting in the Hands of Mark Burnett. Papa Neutrino one of the great american adventurers of the last hundred years is calling in all his favors. We will make this fly and it will rock this country so fcuking hard (Yeah like those overpriced french connection shirts). We will all collectively rock this country. This ain't no bullshit rock the vote because we are the power. The President is a public servant and he or she is here to serve us. Somehow it has changed and we have become their servants. I don't want any servants I am working on humility. It ain't always easy, but the white house seems like a great place to start. Let's see what a bunch of beautiful lunatics, outcasts, crazies, no shot in hell, you've got to be joking jokesters can pull off with some very focused intention. Papa Nuetrino the Secretary of transportation says "This campaign must happen". Did you hear me folks "This CAMPAIGN MUST HAPPEN". This is a call to absurdity to all the GONZO JOURNALISTS. This is for HUNTER S. THOMPSON, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, OSHO, and a whole bunch of people that have layed down the ground work. We are rebels and "I WANT TO HEAR YOUR REBEL YELL".

LET THIS BE A ECHO HEARD IN CYBERSPACE. LET FREEDOM RING DING A LING RING. KEEP THE HEADS BOBBING. I want to thank all of you that have been supporting this campaign. It is no longer time to watch it merely fall away. We must participate and not let things keep moving at the status-quo going rate. FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES WE HAVE OUR CAUSE. LET'S TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE AND MAKE IT OUR HOUSE. TAKE IT BACK. STAND YOUR GROUND AND DON'T BACK DOWN unless they have bigger tanks. IN our case we have no tanks. But we have pens and our pens our mighty then the sword.


Ganesha said...

Sat Nam Wahe Guru!!!

Te'Devan is a candle and he is most certainly lit. Reading his words can help to awaken the light in each of our hearts. This light has been napping on couches and in darkness for too long. It is time that it opens its eyes and goes out into this world. Te'Devan has helped to sow the seeds of revolution and freedom, now it is the time that the rest of us follow his example and start planting our own seeds. Together we can grow a beautiful forest with abundant food and medicine and live in harmony with the earth and each other.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for being your truth, for being You, for sharing your presence, wisdom, humor, brilliance, long arms, and great length.

I love you and bless you,

dr john bender said...

My rebel yell sounds alot like Howard Dean's "yeahhh!"

Be safe and happy in India and Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

~Secretary of Deprogramming
Dr John Bender

Te'DeVan said...

I love all you guys because you have helped to make so much of this craziness possible. And by craziness I mean making "The Impossible Prez" possible. We will all look back at these early stages at a party somewhere in the not too distant future. Viva La White House.

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