Sunday, February 25, 2007

News From India

Yes it truly is the land of great extremes. Kindness and treachery are so very close at hand in this land. Make sure that you are ready for almost anything and just be able to adjust to it. Don't lose sight of the moment or the consequences can be somewhat immediate. Their ways are not your ways and this may seem obvious, but only thru experience will you come to understand this. It is land known for its enlightened men & women. They still can be found here today. The things you most want to hear and the things that will benefit you the most are not always the same thing.

I have quite a wonderful and emotional time here and have gone from the ashram of Sai Baba's to slightly outside the madness of Bangalore. They are things that they do here better then we do back at home and there are things that we do better back home. Forging the middle path will benefit both of us greatly. I am learning alot spiritually, politically, and socially. Hustlers are everywhere. Just remember if someone comes up to you and you get any vibe that it less then desireable get away from them. You must be careful here, but you can still have so much great fun and memories that will last you for lifetimes to come. I know that this blog has an element of seriousness, but this is a very different world. It is almost like falling into the Bermuda triangle.

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