Thursday, February 08, 2007

Understanding Celebrity

It is a phenomeon that plays such a large role in our culture and how we perceive the world around us. They hold more influence over the American people then our own government. We have finally reached a point in our society in which anybody that has enough resources or is eccentric enough can become a celebrity. Celebrity by itself is kind of worthless other then fanning and feeding ego and giving people something superficial to worship, but they also have an ability to influence large amounts of people. Imagine if most celebrities were consumed with inner peace and global issues instead of the numerous other distractions that are the focus for most celebrities. It is not a coincidence that actors, musicians, and athletes fair quite well when they run for political office. Name Brand and familiar people have an ability to reach a much larger audience. There are various degrees of celebrity and many times some of the best people shy away from the spotlight and these people have some really great messages to share with American public.

Anyone of us can become a celebrity. It can be done virtually overnight with the age that we live in these days. We have the power to tell celebrities what we want them to down. This may sound absurd, but they are influenced by having the approval of the masses. I still firmly believe that if public demand was large enough Paris Hilton would become a great philanthropist if that is what the public wanted to see her do.

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