Thursday, February 08, 2007

A letter to A Friend

That whole poem was stunning my friend. I keep thinking about a vision you once had involving buses or vans of sorts and a whole bunch of traveling and it is starting to manifest before my very eyes. You spoke prophecy to me once and one day you will speak prophecy to many. I often think about how I got to the point I currently existing in. How do all these dots connect? I have met so many people at so many different moments. I have learned to listen more carefully in the silence and learned that silence is a friend that few are willing to make unless the pain becomes too great. I was just a boy with a sign and one day soon I will have a son that will carry the torch. Not this year, but the following one my son shall come into a physical manifestation. I can feel him at times. I am allowing my identity to melt away and just Be. Understated is overstated and overstated can be understated and nothing is actually overrated accept maybe the word overrated.
I don't feel that I walk alone and just allow myself to quietly hold a space so that the most powerful of spirits can flow thru me. My past lifes continue to awaken and underneath me in San Fran/Santa Cruz the earth is shaking. I have known many times in many different forms and I will appear in places unexpected as we all get closer to the truth of finding love and acceptance in the formless.

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