Saturday, January 06, 2007

Whatever happened to ........

Today i thought about and old friend of mine and there have been quite a few friends along the way and they are all very special to me, but she was there at the start of my current journey. She was the first person that I ever did a healing on. She was the one I reached out to heal because I did not want to hear her cry anymore. She was the one that put up with my numerous hangups,anger and ungratefulness that I had at the time after just having graduating college and not knowing what to do next. It was in her car that I got my last glance at the world trade center while driving by it on the night of September 10,2001. As we drove by I thought "I wonder what would happen if that building fell down". I have told a few people that story, but only a few and now I figured that I would write that. It was a couple days later sitting in her car outside of my parents house that I did my first healing. She was having tremendous physical heart pain and was crying hysterically. I did not want to hear her cry anymore and without even thinking about it in a moment of reflex I reached out around her heart area and without touching her pulled away a heaviness that I felt around her heart area.

She was in total shock and stopped crying and asked me what I had done. I knew deep down inside, but my rational mind would not completely accept what had happened. Though, I had expereinced similar things before, but I had always been the one being healed. This was a simple moment and one that would greatly alter the rest of my life. In that moment my whole life changed. This girl always believed in me alot more then I ever believed in myself at the time. Her faith in me would actually make me angry at times and when I was around her I would act out as if I was five years old. Looking back on our past as we become more aware we start to understand why certain people come into our life. I remember she was an amazingly talented musician and wonder what ever happened to her. She probably wonders the same about me from time to time.

I am thankful that she came into my life when she did. We all have had people in our life like this and every now and then we wonder whatever happened to......

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dr john bender said...


Another thing I admire about you is how you are fearlessly sentimental. It just shows that you really do care. It is a great trait to possess in this snarky, sarcastic era.

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