Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is the sexual revolution over?

I remember being 11 years old.... I was in 6th grade and my mom had a magazine. I think it might have been the New Yorker but I am not honestly sure. What I do remember is that the headline was "The Sexual Revolution is over". I must admit that I was kind of devastated when I read that. I had not quite started puberty. I did not really grasp what the hell this meant other then the fact that it looked like I had missed out. Everyone for the most part who had gone thru puberty got to be part of this revolution except for mel. I brought the magazine to school to cut out pictures for some assigment and it created a bit of an uproar and the magazine was confiscated from me and they were trying to tell me it was inappropaite. I wondered were they nervous that other kids might learn the sexual revolution was over and they too would become greatly discouraged or depressed. Eventually I coaxed them to give it back to me, but they made some sort of spectacle that this was not the sort of thing to bring to school. I remember thinking you've got to be kidding me there aren't even any naked girls besides National Graphic was acceptable and they had tons of naked people in their magazine. Looking back i know that this whole thing had some sort of effect on me, but then again everything does.

Yet, now that I have become a little older I wonder who the hell is the person that gets to make this declaration and everyone else around them merely nods their head in complete agreement. Often I wonder if this man and I am pretty sure it was a man that made this absurd statement tried to have a threesome and his request fell on deaf ears. In response to this he decided that the he would tell so and so who also had a similar experience and that they would use their connections at whatever magazine it was to announce to the world that the Sexual Revolution was over. Looking back I'm pretty sure their theory had to do with the fear of AIDS which has made many people less sexaully active or at least they panic more after having sex without a condom.

Well I want to declare that "The Sexual Revolution is Back". I don't have quite the readership of the New Yorker, but still I want to make it clear that Sexual Revolution has returned. With this return there shall also be a return of Vegan orgnaic carrot cake, Revolution, and threesomes because it all just seems long over due. I just want to say to the 11 year old me out there that its okay the sexual revolution never really began or ended they are merely a few people that want to convince people of this so that other people will buy their magazines and cause mental and emotional suffering to their pre-pubescent kids.


JMinney said...

thank god! Don't worry, I'll tell every girl on campus the revolution's on...i'll start with freshman and work my way up

Te'DeVan said...

I was laughing my ass off when I read your comment. You want to somehow make the return of the sexual revolution as part of your cabinet position?

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