Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay I am not trying to be some sort of sue-happy American, but apparantly, during 2004, STA travel used me in a huge ad campaign in Austrulia to get young college kids to NYC. The add is a picture of me holding a sign that said "Jewish cat named Kurzweil will freestyle rap for cash" and it was me and a friend of mine that I had met that day in Times Square. I constantly run into Austrulians that have seen this ad. Well, as you know I am running for President and I feel that STA should sponsor the campaign since they seem to think that a picture of me is good way to convince Young Australians to come to NYC. Fight Club had corporate sponosorship and I figure this campaign would benefit from some form of sponorship, especially from a travel company. Anyone that can either get a copy of this ad or is friends with anyone at STA travel shoud immediately contact me. It would be greatly appreciated.

In other news I am In San Fran and seeing friends that I have met all over the place who have just recently arrived here. I am doing my best to introduce them to one another. San Fran is such a kick ass city. I really love this place there are so many wonderful kooks that make me seem like the average Joe. I miss all of you guys wherever you may be located.


Anonymous said...

President of sta travel USA Scott Hyden


Te'DeVan said...

Thank you greatly for that little piee of information. Hopefully some will come of an e-mail that I just sent them. Once again Thank you for you efforts.

갈무리 said...

Willkommen auf der Website für die Esta-Beantragung in die USA.

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