Wednesday, January 17, 2007


There is a part of me when I am writing that is somewhat scared of mispelings and not so good grammar, but really none of that sutff means that much to me or to most people. It is all about the feeling that we put into the words as we write. It is important that we are digging our way into our inner reccesses trying to get at something that is sincere and genuine. I often wonder about all the people that I met briefly along the way, and sometimes I am fortunate enough that these people will call me completely out of the blue or I will wander into them in a new city during a different phase in their life. I have had such an amazing journey that has gotten me to where I am at this very moment. At this very moment I am typing to you from Oakland, California. I often wonder about who are the people that read my blog and what exactly do that get out of reading it. How has it benefited them in their lives and how is it effected the world around them. Each one of has a story to tell and sometimes certain people come along and they become known and they tell the stories of millions of people. I want to reach out to more people, but in order to do that I miss reach deeper into myself. I discuss delving deeper because it is important reminder for myself to not lose site of the things that give me the greatest feeling.

All of this life can come to a close very quickly, and therefore it seems that enjoying life is a responsibility that I owe my maker. I want to fully embrace this entire experience. I am learning to be at peace with all things that transpire that are beyond my control. All the events that lead up to our current circumstances is something that never ceases to amaze me. Often I find that I completely enamored with the way everything intricately connects to everything else. I have been on these adventures ever since I graduated college and soon it will be nearly 6 years since I graduated college and during that time I have interacted with quite a few extraordinary people that will greatly shape the world as we come to know it in our everyday existence.

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dr john bender said...

Your words are like unprotected sex of the mind.

Figure that out.

No, I dare you.

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