Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We've Got ALL the RIght Friends

So I was just giving it a little thought, and if I could bring all the people I know together into one location and work our way thru the ego mania (only 3/4 suffer from this affliction myself included) then we would probably save the world. Honestly I think at this point in my journey I have met almost everyone who does just about anything you could think of that might be useful. And if I haven't met them personally I have only one degree of separation. I have made mention of forming the new A-team/rat pack before, but this goes well above and beyond any of that. They come from all walks of life and most of them want to help create a better world after they make it. I say fuck making it for a moment; let's just make a better world now. People spend their whole lives trying to make it, but the mind won't allow it to take place. There will always be another goal that needs to be achieved. I don't want to achieve any other goals unless somehow it can benefit humanity otherwise it just does not have a lasting impact.

My New years resolution is to put aside my own meglomanical ego and stand out of the way of progress that will benefit humanity. I think it is important to own up to how we our sabotaging ourselves and the henceforth the world around us. We give so much of our energy towards being annoyed, angry, scared, anxious, sad, etc... If we gave all of that energy towards something that made our lives better and other people's lives better imagine how much better the planet would be. I see the change; and yes it is not as overt as the destruction, but it is there and I believe in 4th quarter comebacks. I have to believe it because we are in the fourth quarter. THink about this for a moment. You achieve all of your goals and then you and your family get snuffed out by the effects of global warming or the ever increasing war machine that humanity puts most of its resources into. We can all be feed and have everything we need, but instead we try and figure out ways to have bigger, better, and more things Enough is enough i-pod stops here.


Dr John Bender said...

Wait until you meet versions of us all in India. I wonder who John Ghosh's Indian counterpart would be...?

My New Years Resolution is just to have alot more unprotected sex. The world needs more babies!

Te'DeVan said...

After seeing the movie Children of Men that sounds like a wonderful idea and I support it especially if you are thinking infertility make kick in the near future.

mim to the z said...

i applaud your new year's resolution. however, i had an epiphany. we are all egomaniacs (by nature...narcissists just live longer and produce more), and the only thing that changes that is love. that's why everyone is so eager and crazy in love - because for the first time in assumedly quite some time, they aren't thinking about themselves.

so really, instead of grouping everyone together, you just need to come up with some quality matchmaking skills (which shouldn't be hard with your network).

on that note, i want to be queen of the A team.

dr john bender said...

Ahh, yes... the "A-Team" again. At least this time we may all assemble to do something more significant than raid the Real World house. Still, that may have been the best ill-conceived idea in the history of time.


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