Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Miss You

I wake up and I go to sleep and I miss you. Everywhere I go I see you even if you are not there. I was thinking about you when I was a little kid. I used to have conversations with you before I could prove your existence. How could I not feel you and then; when day I found you for a moment. A glimpse of you was all that I needed to experience so that I was motivated to keep going. I intensely miss you and I know that I will be with you soon. You are me and I feel and sense that in a way that I could never explain.

We all miss you, but some of us seem to give up. I will never give up on you. People tell me not to give you up and turn back. I don't even know where back is anymore. I only know how to move forward. I am focusing on the now and not the how. Focus on this now. DOn't let that sentence fly over your heard. Focus on time, place, and location. Think about where you are at this moment and bring awareness into your life. Let the mind become clear. When the mind is a blank slate I am in this moment and when we I am in this moment I realize that I miss you but that I am getting closer to you all the time; even if it does not appear that way on the surface. Yet the surface is a mirage, but I will not be fooled for long by any mirage.
I will find you because I seek you with such divine fever and nothing will stand in the way of me finding you.

What is this you? For all of us at different times there is a different you and we can all find that you. Don't trust me about much or anyone else for that matter, but know that you too can find the YOU.


GOD said...

I miss you too, son. Have faith, build a flock. When I made you look like Jesus, it was no accident.

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