Friday, December 01, 2006

The World is Coming To a Beginning

I was inspired to write this blog because every now and then someone says to me "aren't you that guy that has the sign that says the world is coming to an end?" It is in this moment that I realize how delusional all of the sane people are and how they lump everything together into the same pile of stuff. Most of you guys know the gist of my signs, but for those you who don't know; one says "6 foot 7 inch jew will freestyle rap for you" and the other says "Famous intutive spiritual healer, over 19,000 healings, stress physical emotional pain, talk to me". Yet, people insist to me that my sign says something completely different. Never doubt people's ability to project their own preconceptions onto you. In other words they see exactly what they want to see. The other humorous experience I have is homosexual men who think that I am trying to convert them to christianity and that I am calling them sinners for their sexual orientation. People also insist that I think that I am Jesus and that I go around introducing myself as Jesus to all those who will listen. Even after I say "Hi, I'm Te'DeVan," they will will respond, "Hi Jesus," as if they didn't even hear my name. These people have great spin doctor capabilities and it would serve them well if they worked on a political campaign.

Yet, I am capable of doing the same thing. Where others see people carrying around signs that say "The world is coming to an end" I see a sign that actually says, "The world is coming to a beginning". This is completely true because every end demands a beginning and they take place simultaneously. So really all of these people with signs that say "The world is coming to an end," are merely reminding us that the world is coming to a beginning. I am thankful for their reminder and we should all take the time and thank them as well for reminding of this greater truth. The world is coming to a beginning. I would also like to thank all the people that misconstrue what I am saying or doing because you supply a great abundance of laughter in the life of me and all my friends.


Mai-Kim said...

I like what you said here. Its true what happens. Maybe you should say have a sign that says:

We need some clarification ;-)

Te'DeVan said...

Thank you for the love my man. Sending you regards from South Beach. Enjoy the voyage.

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