Monday, December 04, 2006

Luaghter Laughter Laughter

I have been laughing my head off quite a bit as of late though my blogs have not had enough humor. So this one is raw like Eddie Murphy before he started doing Disney movies. Don't trust anyone on their cell phone they are conspiring against you in ways that make John Ashcroft seem sweet. The keebler elves are blatant homosexuals there is nothing latent about it folks. They all live in a closet of a tree packing fudge all day long. I have no problems with this and I respect them immensely being an elf is not easy and being a gay elf means they won't let you be in lord of the rings. Speaking of rings, Zen is not a Tiffany's box. In reality a limb should come with every new diamond purchased so that you know what you are paying for.

Secretly I want to be an evangelist. I could smote these guys and beat them at their own game. Use their language to make your point. Ronald Regan was terrified of a small Indian man named OSHO. In fact most of the world was scared of him and countries were given money to kick him out. One day I will be kicked out of the United States. I won't break any laws I will merely make too many people nervous. I accept this fact as part of my journey. I have been kicked out of college campuses and small towns without breaking any rules, next up get kicked out of the United States.

Develop a following of people that can think for themselves and watch governments cower. Killing millions of people while dressed in a beautiful pressed suit makes you a politician. Being dressed in shabby clothes and killing one white American makes you a murderer/thug/villian (go figure). Perhaps we should buy criminals nicer clothes and encourage them to run for politcal office. That way we will respect them as strong patriotic people when they slaughter lots of foreign people. Sauve and Savage are only separated by a suit, tie, and clean shave.

I want to say something to anyone out there watching America's Top Model. I understand your addiction it is like watching a train that is about to wreck. Maybe that is why people can't seem to take their eyes off of me. I am bound to cause some long overdue trouble. Sometimes I wonder who the hell are the people reading my blog. I hope they laugh, cry, think or quit their job and become their dream.

Let the sponsorship come just like fight club. Let those in charge give us their own tools so that we can dismantle their house. The Yerts, treehouses, igloos, and huts are the wave of the future.

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