Friday, December 01, 2006

Hungry Like the Hoff

I have a good friend of mine, let's just call him the Hoff, and I absolutely love this fellow and he totally reminds me of desires that I have to chase after women. He fully and completely immerses himself in these chases and has little or no interest in any women that are chasing him. I must admit I used to give chase and on rare occassion I will still give chase, but ultimately I realize that I prefer for these things to simply flow. I don't want to hunt them down life a wolf stalking his prey waiting to make his move.

But sometimes instead of chasing I just get angry, distant or aloof. I particularly feel this way when my desire towards them is mostly sexual. I think sexaul desire is a wonderful thing, but I want to have the other components involved as well. Even if I could psyche a girl into liking me why would I want to do that. I am not a 2 for 1 special during happy hour. Dig me now or don't dig me at all. I don't want to sell you anything and I don't want to woo you. If I woo you it was only because I was wooing life and you were part of that life. The Hoff loves to do the wine and dine thing with women, I on the other hand, like to hang out at the park/beach/wherever and if it clicks then great and if not that is also great. Heck, sometimes it is better. In fact I would like to thank many women that did not return my phone calls.

Some of you may think that I am lying or being insecere, but I am being totally truthful when I say that. Where I get burned is by women that pursue me and then if I reciprocate they get nervous and pull away. These are the women that burn me. If you don't have any interest that is fabulous, but just be honest about it, but often you need to intuit this on your own because they will not tell you. They want you to feed their ego by chasing them. I support them in feeding their ego, but ladies I ain't the one. My friend the Hoff on the other hand for the moment is your man. He is hungry and is looking to feed and he is never satisfied and nor am I satisfied and therefore I see the absurdity of chasing and being hungry like the Hoff. Of course I too am Hungry like the Hoff, but as I am honest with the situation I can see it for exactly what it is. I am trying to get something from you that you can't give me and you are trying to get something from me that I can't give you.

It is truly that simple and we will either merge or not merge, but regardless I need to find this inside of myself and you need to do the same. The Hoff is unrelenting like any great hunter and I respect him greatly for his hunting prowess as it reminds me of my own. At the same time, seeing that I am a vegetarian, even if I slay the deer what good does it do me. I am somewhat like El guape at times wanting the woman to open herself up to me in the same way that a flower does. This takes patience and though there are some flowers that are completely open already they are not the flowers that I want and sometimes I have indulged in them. Now I am remaining steadfast in not settling on the flower. I only accept flowers that I will truly appreciate and my days of deer hunting never brought true fullfillment and always left me hungry for more.


Reverend Steve said...

"We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need." ~ Tyler Durden.

I am discovering that the true connection is when you both open like your flower at the same time. If you are already open, your intentions are obvious. If she is, she is desiring attention. These situations are clearly the domain of my own former Hoff, named Rob Lloyd.

When you open each other, that is where the true connection is made. If these seems self-evident to anyone reading this, well... fuck you, I am a late bloomer. (No pun intended.)

Te'DeVan said...

I fucking love you Reverend Steve. That was awesome. So I have been watching America's top Model and Decided that while sitting in the bathroom and picking up the toliet seat that we could come up with 5 reality shows that would be alot more interesting.

I have not thought of Rob in sometime. That guy was a hawk and never missed the smallest opportunity. Though he certainly lacked in the happiness department.

We must have the 720 arch all-stars party quite soon. After You me and couple of other characters have a show at Hill audotirum we will have an arch street block party and bring back the naked mile.

Anonymous said...

someone wonderful is out there and waiting for you, T.


Reverend Steve said...

Rob: the guy who felt the need to flex his control over drunk girls because he had no control whatsoever in any other facet of his life. Sad.

720 All Stars: fuck yeah!!! I would be all over that. I'll call Tatum and arrange that for when you campaign in Ann Arbor. The opening act can be drunk Ghosh peeing on a pile of his own clothes. The closing act... Justin doing his nude Spiderman. In fact, what the hell... male nudity for everyone!

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