Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Goodbye Mind Hello Happiness

I understand this feeling on occassion of the mind just being overwhelmed with complete and utter nonsense. Here is something you can do about it. Write it on paper, speak it out loud or babble in complete nonsense and get it out of your system. Don't hold onto it because it blocks you from this moment. Just SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT LET IT ALL OUT because these are things we can all do without. That's right I'm talking to you come on. Mind you can not win this battle for you are merely a series of programs and the soul shall triumph over you. Return to the breath and feel the self realization. We are all capable of this, but we resist this simple solution. People seem to have this idea that the answer to life involves being able to solve a series of quantum physics problems and then learning to be fluent in Sanskrit so that they can find their peace. People's minds do not like the idea that peace of mind is easy. It makes them ask themselves why they have not already done it then. If it so easy why haven't more people figured it out. It is one of those things that is so easy and the mind desires to make it complicated. People are so used to working real hard for everything in their life and the idea that the most significant thing can be so easy it's totally mind boggling. Stop! sit still and just listen for a while. View babies as your role models. They are usually very happy and they also breathe very deeply. Collectively if we all start to breathe deeply we will achieve more. Consider oxygen to be your greatest God/love/power whatever you want to call it. Inhale stomach all the way out exhale stomach all the way in. Keep doing it and don't surprised if you start to feel a bit more energized after a brief period of time.

Enjoy the simple pleasures and experience them fully, allow yourself to be in a constant state of expression. We all deserve to get away for a holiday as Billy Joel sings, but understand that the holiday must take place in your mind first. Get away from your thoughts for a bit and stay in the state of "no mind" or "buddha mind". That is the area in between thoughts where there is actually no thought just a feeling of awareness. Turn your mind off and turn on to your breath because that is where you will find your peace.


Peter said...

Very interesting day on the beach. My foot still hurts though, but less than the other. Interesting.

- Peter

abc said...

you know how days have themes. you know, like lessons. of course you know.

so you know how these lessons come with little clues, little signs along the day. you know, like life in general. signs and lessons and synchronicities.

but of course you know.

so anyway, if these signs are like 'slow down' signs, for example, and the lesson is a 'stop sign'... like 'slow down' 'slow down' 'slow down' 'stop'. not always slow down and not always stop, but just so to make my point through analogy.

anyway. so. your blog is like my stop sign.

not always 'stop' but just to make my analogy.

you know?

Te'DeVan said...

Thank you so much for the words and I understand about the slow down/stop signs. The more I stay in my breathe the more clearly I can see things as they are an not as I want them to be. I appreciate the words immensely. The writings on the wall has always been one of my favorite ways of saying it.

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