Friday, April 11, 2008

We've Got The Right To Be Angry and Now we can drop the anger and make a change

I am not waiting anymore because it is time to take the youth and those who know how our country is being stolen from us. This is not a diatribe or an indictment just that we need to hold our leaders accountable and not our pop stars. Put the Paparazzi on the congressman and senators and not their personal lives but their policies. Bono lead to me end America's Bloody Sunday that just can't seem to end. There are agendas that running our country that belong to massive American people,. These selfish agendas are ravaging our treasury. We pay for mercenaries to kill innocent people abroad. Black water is the polution that we put all over the world and act clueless when it shows back up on our doorstep in the form of terrorism. We need to hold our leaders accountable. We need to come together and march on the capital that this government represents the American people. Our taxes are being stolen from and misspent in the hundreds of billions. We would better off burning half the cash at Burning Man and taking the rest and spending on the downtrodden American people. We keep pushing our poor and struggling people out of their homes as their rents rise. Fish don't worry about paying rent and many Americans are fixated on this thing just because a few people claim that the land belongs to them. How do we make these large oversights to be understood by the masses of Americans. Maybe we just need to turn into a reality show. A reality show focusing on this massive corruption. The new Uncle Tom's Cabin might have to be a non-fictional reality show that people come together in a deeper understanding.

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