Thursday, April 10, 2008

Make SUre she Is A friend

So you've won the lottery what the hell are you going to do with the money. Money and fame people act very strange agendas start to emerge. I don't care one way or another I am just listening to SHy from the early 90's "IF I ever Fall in Love Again". I am seeing the people that I have met in different places going through different phases. Be careful who you sleep with you or you can quickly find yourself caught in drama that you never needed that keeps you from the bliss that you have always wanted. Don't compromise and forget fundamentalism anything with the exception of attention to the breathing, but even that can be overcome. Can I make myself appear two places at once. I shaved my head and said goodbye to the past and fashion seems to surround me everywhere, but more importantly is my greater awareness of God in everything that I connect to that God has some part in taking us to a new level of understanding that we have to let if all go so why struggle too hard to get it because it was never yours to begin with. You were merely borrowing it and your just trying to find your breathe and let go of the jadedness and trust in something that your rational mind wished was more tangible. Keep your wits about you when everyone else is losing theirs and help those who want your assistance. Cast demons or negative entities in any name that you want to use but if the mind is not calm and clear then nothing is really changed. Some people are constantly in a state of conflict with themselves and the world around them.

Moses find a draft pick to speak his mind and risk all the endorsement deals because the people don't listen or trust the politicians. The athletes, movie stars, and singers are looked upon as some sort of prophets and they are usually just selling us stuff that nobody needs but somehow we can't remembered how we functioned without ipod, cell phone, and e-mail. Bring back the pony express or maybe the "Turtle Express". Don't try to make too much sense of things that you have limited understanding of a world where we only understand a small amount of factors acting on us and the others around us. I can feel that hand of God altering the landscape and keeping ready until the time is right and I am just waiting to hop off the cosmic couch and send my blessings to bedbugs in Brooklyn.

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