Saturday, April 05, 2008

Break the Pattern Am I Resigned to My Fate

I once heard that we can do anything in this world its just that we can't control the outcome. Often I wonder how much of my life has been fated and how much of it can be changed or is is crazy to think that anything in this world is predestined in anyway. Maybe it is that certain events have a very high likelihood unless we take drastic steps. Maybe the only thing we can control is how we choose to respond to a situation. Fully realized beings are no longer in any way shape or form slaves to the past. In different moments certain people move to the forefront and background of your life. How will you deal with their eventual departure or passing. I want so many things and yet I want almost nothing at all merely a small desire to no longer be enslaved by my wants. To allow these things to fall away and to stop running away from this moment. Music inspires me to write and sometimes I listen to in audible way and other times I can merely hear the raindrops in my head. I have many quotes for many ocassions. I am soundbyte wizard who might actually spell soundbyte wrong. I want to revolutionize the concept of what qualifies as religion. Religion is the backdoor to avoiding much of life's nonsense. In a court room they make you take off your hat unless you wear it for religious reasons, but why are you obligated to tell them that before they threaten you with contempt of court. Perhaps you religion states that you don't have to explain yourself. Taking off your hat is merely an issue of manners and social customs. Yet where do our manners exist when we kill innocent citizens and call it a mistake or collateral damage. War does not make mistakes the very act insures that innocent people will die in the thousands or millions. Everyone has a vision of how their savior should be. Now is the time for us to find the peace maker inside of ourselves. "Peaceful is the new famous" is my new quote.

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satansenemy said...

the answer is Jesus Christ, no one else, nothing else. not realized beings, new age nonsense(dreaming) or wishful thinking(peace is already inside independent of God). Get Real, Stop the Fantasy. Stop denying Jesus Christ. He is Alpha and Omega. He has All Authority over all Spirits. He is the Closest being To God and the only Way to God. The Lord Sri Jesus Christ of Nazerath is the Bread of Life, the giver of Living Water, The Forgiver and Destroyer of Sins, the Giver of Eternal Spiritual Peace and Power. New Age is Old Age if you have done your studies. It was New Age that ruled Egypts, that ruled Babylon, that rules India(now we see it as living Old Age or the source of New Age)God used Joseph in Egypt and they saw his wisdom beyond there wisemen and astrologers, God did the Same thing with Daniel in Bablyon. Mans Wisdom is foolishness to God. Satan in fact did Decieve Eve with Subtle Evil within Truth. He promised Hidden knowledge, but with that came death and suffering. Jesus Christ promises all Hidden Wisdom and Power and with that Comes Eternal Life through his Eternal Sacrifice. Let his blood wash you, recieve the Holy Spirit and never have to think again. The Holy Spirit Will Take Over Your Life. God is Coming For You! He Loves You and Will Use You!

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