Friday, April 11, 2008

MY Kind Your Kind Give me Just A Slice Of America

We all just need to learn how to share again and just take this moment for all the amazingness that holds and allow that inner freak to sip into our clothes, Words, moves, and just general head bob. Now is the time to explore to get out there and see something that you have merely read about. Push yourself to go outwards and find a deeper and more profound love of China, Chile, Japan, Fiji, And of course Kansas and New Orleans. Give me music give me dancing give me crazy clapping and finger snapping. Tell Bill And Ted that Wild Stallions are the horses that we were all meant to be. A stream of pop culture references are oozing into my writing right now. There is no way to miss this moment, but denial is a motherfucker and it causes so many problems, Instant gratification ain't fast enough and let me jump in car but the duct tape won't be needed because I am not Emniem. I am not as angry as I used to be because the dragon is dead and everything works itself out and I can't deny that I will die and that I will cry and laugh and that the cure for all things exist within our being. We just need to dig deeper and not race for a cure but stop and meditate for cures. We have millions of people dying from Malaria, Aids, and lack of clean water in a continent that we most associate with Blood Diamonds and Sally strthers and people that somehow don't seem real on our television. Maybe they just need to make better youtube videos or come out with a hot fashion line. Values don't generally change that quickly and knowing the things that will better humanity and being apart of these actions is the part that we have to focus on right now. My voice grows stronger each day there is a revolution brewing and there is a timing for things to erupt and place for people to listen. Listen for the silence and feel your self release those blocks in your throat and say your truth.

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