Saturday, April 19, 2008

Most Of Our Looking for Someone to have the Anwsers

In the void there is something that goes beyond anything any rational mind could understand. At some point we all have to take our last breathe. I am practicing being still a little more frequently and keep my feet deeply planted in one spot at one time. Yet the natural evolution of life leads us to the lessons that we need to learn. All of us are awakening in our way through our own path. There are great deal of things that I don't understand yet I have some sense of the greater truth that is reflected in them. Myth in our society is such a powerful thing and whose to say what is real and what is a legend often the two become intertwined. I still find myself in Miami and realizing staying put in one place for an extended period of time has great benefits but so does traveling around and connecting different groups from all over. Not everything is going to be that easy and the stillness of mind allows for more awareness which is truly the greatest healer. With awareness comes and acceptance of things for how they are and understanding of what we are capable of changing. Often I have been nervous or anxious at some point in my journey, but just a few more deeper breathes and some patience all things begin to reveal themselves. May I be grateful for all that have been given and thankful for all the love that I have given and received. New Orleans is pulling me closer and from there back to NYC to take a bite out of the big apple, but may this bite be my deepest as I plant myself there even more firmly then before.

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