Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Dandelion!!!!

Recently a young woman was talking to me about certain phrases that she uses frequently, and I realized that millions and millions of people say these things more out of habit and programming then because of any greater connection to these phrases. I decided right then and there I needed a new simple phrase that would also convey so much and yet so little such as other greats; like rad, sweet, cool beans, for sure, like like like, and right on. I new it had to be simple and to the point, and Eureka it hit me gently but powerfully like a lighting bolt from Zeus. Hot Dandelion! It had everything I was looking for it was hot, colorful, flowery and easy to remember. It would also initially make most people laugh or at least look at me a little oddly or maybe they are looking at me strangely for a few other reasons. Yet one uttered phrase of simple cosmic brilliance that would bring others joy and give at least a few new options. Remember English is still a relatively new language and we are in desperate need of new phrases to convey thoughts, emotions and ideas. Recently John Mayer contributed the phrase "Sexual Napalm". This opens a door for anyone to come up with something and the ones that catch on will go down in pop culture history. I personally feel we should also strive to be enlightened and serve humanity as our larger self, but along the way we should help to expand the vernacular of the English language. Can I get a Heaven Yeah?!!!! Can I have an Expert Witness? Can I have an OM Shanti Shanti. Hot Dandelion is all I can say folks Hot Dandelion the kid has lost his Garbage pal kid collection and from there it could only be an immaculate perception once we removed life's contraception from our senses.


daniel said...

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Anonymous said...

Right on, dude!

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