Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashes shot out of A cannon

I am in Colorado-- Aspen to be specific, because of a young woman from my past that I reconnected with. I was willing to take a leap of faith and though it has not been what I expected, it has been wonderful and made me more aware of my path. I will not allow any attachment to a thing or person to get in the way of my journey. Yet, I must love them all the same and be present to the moment I am in. I am near Hunter S. Thompson's old place out in Woody Creek. My friend John back in NYC has a band called "The Woody Creek Kids," and as fate would have it, that is where I landed. I was asked to find other accommodations by the young woman that I was staying with because it all felt too intense for her. As a result, I met this great guy who I later found out shared the same birthday as me: April 17th . He noticed Yogananda printed on my jacket and commented on his time at the Self Realization center in L.A. It was a brief, one-day visit for him but impacted him greatly. He felt as if he knew me; I proceeded to do a healing on his shoulder which he had hurt a couple of weeks easlier. He said that he was taking care of a cabin in Aspen, and that I was more then welcome to stay there. Though things calmed down in the mind of the young woman that I was staying with, I knew that I would certainly need other accommodations. I knew that the young woman in Aspen was the impetus for me to come out here, but she was not the sole reason. Often there are numerous reasons as to why we end up somewhere and the people we meet along the way.

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pio said...

as the columbine colonizes. good to see you are well. been entirely too long. colorado is beautiful isnt it.

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