Monday, March 08, 2010

That Achey Break HEart Can Be Healed

So on occasion I often hear someone, myself including, rambling, stumbling or fumbling about some heart break. In some cases they can't even seem to walk or talk quite right. It seems like someone might have knocked the sails out of their boat. Perhaps they crashed into a Mountain where on the losing side of a fight with a Grizzly bear, but it is in an emotional way, which makes it all the more worse because on the surface when people do not pay attention you appear to be fine. It is in these moments that we have to pull ourselves by our suspenders or boot straps and just get up because "mickey loves you" win one for the Gipper sort of stuff. And yet for many people they may know this but somehow they seem unable to take these simple steps. This is of course why great friends are so important on this journey. They can really aide and assist during these moments when it seems like life is conspiring against you. Yet, this is not the case, rather it is seeking to rid us of our attachment to the small world stage so that we seek the director behind the scenes. Seek the creator, not the creations and at anytime I seem to forget this I am so quickly reminded of this great truth.
So often most of the pain we experience is something that we look back on and even laugh or smile. It is that perspective to realize that heavy set lady has not sung. God is there watching over us offering His/Her infinite love to us his children yet our minds seem to block this blessing from entering into our being. Sometimes the mind wants revenge or payback or to even dwell in this hurt, yet in those actions we block the blessing of infinite all compassionate love. May we all go on seeking what is within and there are moments where this task seems implausible, but I have been blessed to meet a few beings that have exemplified that this is not the case. Yet some people do not believe in God and have a hard time with the concept of a unseen hand of divinity. Eventually we will all find our way, whether it be in this lifetime or the next. Regardless of our beliefs because we all return to where we came from.

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