Friday, January 29, 2010

I am a couchsurfer and the couch is merely my vessel.

I have slept on a lot of couches. A LOT of couches... so many that I will often lose count. Yet, the couches are merely a vehicle or vessel to enter into people's lives and help them become more aware of all the greatness that exists within them. All the music, all the art, all the dancing, all the adventure that they are capable of giving birth to if they just allow themselves to be deeply grounded into the earth- bringing their concentration to their third eye and opening their heart. We all have things we are working through and things that we are trying to avoid. We like to pretend that this doesn't exactly apply to us... and I am no exception. Sometimes it may indeed not apply to us at all, but most of the time there are universal laws that are truly regardless of time and space. For every cause, there is an effect. Every choice we make has a consequence. Every choice aids in setting up the next series of decisions we choose to make.

There are many ways to enter into people's lives; none more intimate and more strange then through the couch. Being the guy sleeping on someone's couch, giving them a perspective of who they are and what this journey is all about. The Beatles sang "You say you want a revolution," yet the truest and most enduring revolution is the evolution of humanity. All other revolutions are quickly forgotten and replaced by something else- usually as equally hideous, but given a different name and form. Yet, still the same story of God's unrecognized Glory. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah- we are marching towards a new day, with a new couch. We are helping to awaken ourselves by opening up our homes and our couches. The couchsurfers are offering us a new perspective of our own possibilities and the love that we are and the love that we can share with all the people around us who are inhabiting this world. I love how funny it is that the dude or dudette on the couch could perhaps change our life. Then again so could the bus driver, taxi driver, delivery man, secretary, police officer, even the sales rep. All of us are capable of being divine and awakening another human being to their own divinity. In my case, the vessel is your couch and I am referred to as a couchsurfer. And by one person allowing me to inhabit their couch for a couple of days, I am therefore invited into the lives of many other people. One person's couch provides the bridge to many other people's lives.

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