Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just a sound....

I got back from India in April of 2007 after spending time at an ashram in the presence of a guru and quite a few spiritual seekers from all over the world. There I started channeling a sound. Just a sound and I first start channeling it when I was doing a healing session with a singer in the Lower east side. I was a bit hesitant about making the sound during the healing session out of fear that it would distract her from her healing and she would consider it to be an awful sound that would be grating on her ears. Up until that point I had never really been a good singer in any traditional sense of the word and had been told by a few people that I was perhaps tone def or didn't sing the tone right and I sang too much from my throat etc... all the things that you could do wrong. But this sound was raw and pure and I let it fly and she described it as a heavenly sound. Being that she sang for a living I took this as a good sign. I then proceeded to make this sound quite frequently sometimes to avert or break up altercations be they physical or verbal. I have also used it to quickly silence a room of any type. Some people seem to respond strongly to this sound while others seem almost not to hear or notice it at all. Other people feel that it is impossible that this sound could come from a human being and that I must have some sort of device on my person.

Even though I often attributed this sound channeling from spending time in an ashram in India in 2007 the first time I made the sound was on Duval street in Key West Florida with a young man I had met who had just gotten out of Jail for some sort of trespassing. Basically he was in jail because he was poor and stayed in some house where there was nobody residing. As he joined me in making this sound I noticed that it had a powerful reaction on the people we were walking by, it was like the equilvalent of some sort of dog whistle. This day was some type of harmonic convergence of planetary alignment. I am not that intellectually knowledgable of planetary alignments, I just know it was November of 2003 and I did not make the sound again consistently until getting back from India in 2007. In fact other than that one night I believe there to have been a four year lay over between the first time and the 2nd time. Details are sometimes hazy, but this is as accurate as I can recall it to be.

I have nicknamed this sound the supersonic love boom which sounds like some sort of Tibetan bowl or to some the sound made for the emergency broadcasting system or some sort of feedback sound. People have stood next to me while I was making it and still not believed that it came thru me. And some moments I would go to make the sound and nothing would come out it was as if there was not the space for the sound to come forth. I have found friends new and old just by making this sound. I make other sounds but this one particular sound has an intensity and ability to piercingly cut through any other sounds. My theory is that it is a sound that exists at a celluar level in the body and certain people have a strong sensitivity to this frequency. I have seen people on a few occasions begin to cry or even sob uncontrolablely for reasons neither they nor I could explain. It is something that I have become used to. So on some level I don't find it weird or strange in anyway for me to make it, it is a normal occurrence. But I was inspired to write this because when I was at Rainbow today this girl behind me in line started telling me how tall I was. She seemed quite drawn to me and as I am not being one for small talk I instinctively made the sound and held it for about 20-30 seconds without wavering. She was intensely shaken and walked by me as I sat eating my bag of Uncle Eddie's cookies. I felt that she would sit down next to me, but she kept walking despite being shaken by the experience, but she did quickly come back and ask if she could sit with me and then offered me coconut water (0ne of my favorite drinks). She talked to me about what was going on in her life and afterwards told me she felt much calmer. I know this on some level is nothing short of remarkable or at least highly strange, but for me it is a completely normal occurrence that I felt compelled to share with whoever happens to read this blog. And to a skeptic or cynic it is just a sound.... and on some level of course they are completely correct about their assessment, but it is a sound I love to make and afterwards there is a deafening silence that reigns which I enjoy more deeply then the sound itself.


Garrett said...

i remember the sound perfectly. you made it when you were performing a healing on my friends and me after the last set of a Phish festival in Indio, CA. it left me shaking, in an incredibly powerful, intense, inspiring way, that entire night and most of the following day.

thank you for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Will you record and post it?

Andrew Guempel said...

What a trip, Te. I remember meeting you that day. It was November 4th of '03, I believe.

I had just finished doing a year in county jail for that crazy squatting/trespassing/ situation. All over sleeping on the floor and using 6 bucks worth of water.

The day I met you was a very awesome day. I distinctly remember you mentioning that on that day, everyone would feel the presence of the divine, but that some would not know what it was that they were feeling.

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