Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Press To Express Divinity Through Dance

(Re-publication 11-15-09 post-edit)

Since I was a young child I have believed that nothing could affect a mass of people so quickly as my dance moves. Although, there is very little that I do from a technical standpoint that is not relatively easy to imitate.
Yet there is an intensity and devotion that takes place in my dancing that is an expression of everything that I have ever been and everything that I will ever be. This comes out when I am really dancing--when I am really going for broke.
There is something about going for broke that is perhaps one of the sexiest and most foolish things imaginable. It is to be a bridge between this world and the world that remains unseen by most, yet still it dictates everything that happens down here.
I reach such ecstatic states of joy and exhaustion when I dance. There is a deep real love being expressed as if I could just zip out of my body and expand into the cosmos. Every emotion that is welled up inside of me all starts to explode at once and it is a symphony. There are moments in the process where I become completely still and don't move it all.
People will remember me years later from seeing me dance one time at one place for one moment. It was not until I just typed it, that I realized how special that makes it. In many ways I just take that for granted. Some people would also take it for granted. Perhaps it is just merely because I am tall or merely because I am "spazz," but that doesn't really get at it. Nor does it explain the reaction as far as I can tell. I have seen people dance much better than myself, yet there remains something hidden and secretive in their dance and there is not a joy and bliss shared thru the experience.


Lee Beth said...

you really like to dance! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey there this is Elizabeth we met today when you came to Karyn's for a a snack and dessert samples. I am reading your blog and I remember this time I was quite moved when I was in this other country far away and people were just dancing all night and singing. And I thought it would be awesome if we had that here. Like a dance club but without the fancy outfits or superior dance moves or self-consciousness. Yes, I know there are concerts and raves, but somehow the pretentiousness always creeps in. As you seem to be an avid dancer, I thought you might have some suggestions of the best places.

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