Friday, May 22, 2009

I heard I've Got a Prayer in Memphis

I am in NYC and I can feel America and the midwest and the South a the road with all the festival season calling me strongly along with the female saints that come and grace us with their presence. I am not looking for belief or faith I am looking for inner experience. I am not interested so much in speculation and idle chit chat (well a little bit) mostly I am just interested in that inner experience and my glimpses become longer. The only king I desire to know is the one who has conquered all internal conflict. Now we are all pieces of infinite puzzle and we all are finding our way to the right place on the globe but we just have to find that right place inside of ourselves first and foremost. Now is the chance to get right whatever I may have lost sight of. May the blind man start to see once again. Let it rain let it rain and may it wash away all that pain let it rain maybe I shall go to Spain and not just because it rhymes with rain.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I knew this guy in Key West. He's n mensch. Just a Jew with a schtick. I'm not against peace or oneness or any of that which might bind us all in a peaceful fashion, but these are the just the ruminations of a gypsy in search for a cheap meal. The world would be slightly better off provided he attained a proper education in ore before attempting to preach basic ruminations on a population more knowledgeable than he.

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