Friday, January 02, 2009

Hey You Want To Start A Revolution?!!!!!!!!!

It was the simple sentence yelled to me from a beach pier in Long Beach Island, NJ in August 2000 by a young man that I did not know named Smiley. This simple sentence has echoed in my soul and to this day is one of the greatest things that anyone has said to me when first meeting me. My response was "Hell To the Yeah!!!!". That night I was harassed by a cop who threatened to search me for drugs because I had a shirt that said "Legalize Pot". Keep in mind I have never smoked this substance, but hsve always recognized the absurdity in making it illegal. Smiley and I have since gone on numerous adventures and perhaps have almost gotten each other in small and serious trouble and have counseled each other in our Don quioxtish missions in a land where being serious is so important. Smiley and I have always been very serious about our absurdity. I think of all the people in this world right now that are just waiting for someone to come along and say "Hey You wanna start a Revolution?!!!". All of us have that revolution inside of us that is brewing and sometimes it merely takes just a little awareness and one simple action like refusing to sit on the back of the bus to light a blaze to encourage people to take the steps that we have always needed to take. Now is our time to shake ourselves to the core and this country and world will come along with that shaking. We all need a good shaking and with that habits that are holding us back can be dropped. I want to thank everyone that I have met along that is starting their own revolution driven by their heart. Che was once quoted as saying at the risk of being laughed at that waves and waves of love were the greatest revolution of all. So whoever you are sitting wherever you are may I echo this simple sentence at you. May it bounce around in your head and implore your heart to reach out in ways that you have not previously allowed yourself to do. Now is the New Year but beyond it is a new moment and we are the movie of life unfolding and each one of us has the ability to knock people on their ass with a rebel yell that sometimes is just a sound and sometimes an intense waves of silence and calm that causes an inward reflection that keeps people running on their gerbal wheels. It is not your yelling that changes the world but your stillness your quiet riot that screams louder then the loudest siren in a world where silence will trump sound. Its not the words but the deep silence between each word that are infused with a truth that can't be denied.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you're probably moving on with your life, by the time you read this, and I have no idea where you may be when you read this. But i want you to know who I am. Call me Joey. I'm just 18, and I've lived the fairly pampered, sheltered lifestyle that comes so easy to Americans. When i stumbled on this page, i had just finished typing the words: "i wanna start a revolution" on google. I do.
Doesnt that sound silly? An ignorant American talkng about changing the world and whatnot? But its the truth, and i want you to know that after i read what you had to say in this particular post, i was immediately struck with that stomachdropping, incorrect sense of greatness that comes from either stupidity or total inspiration.

thank you.
if more people saw this way, maybe things would be different.

i dont have a blogger account so i wont be able to see if you ever write to this, but if you do...

Revolutionary said...

I don't know where you are, or what your are doing today, but I want you to know: You are not alone.

Let the revolution begin!

xero said...

Hello my name is canyon haynes i am goin to start the revolution we all want so bad if u want to fallow mr to a beeter world email me please im doin this so my email is i say this with all the heart i have and more for the poor and the humgry the people who have no home JOIN THE REVOLUTION

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