Friday, July 11, 2008

I remember When

I am in Chicago and I have been here a few times before and each time I here I find myself in different circumstances with a different cast of characters. I often wonder how I end up in the places that I find myself in connecting with people from my past who become part of my present and my easily forseeable future and all that it entails. I am often chasing my own tail in attempt to make it back to the place of no judgment and no pride to cause me to dishonor that which is sacred. I have often been bold to a point that I find myself being reactionary and creating more problems. More often I can catch myself from falling into the vibration. Each little thing that we do has some sort of impact we just can't always understand what it means nor should we try to place meaning on things. Everything has its place I am walking a fine line between having a mission and being completely absurd. I can't expect nor should anyone expect people to live as we live. We all have to find our own way our own inner liberation. I can't give anyone something that they already have. I can merely point it out to them if they are willing to pay attention and bring the mind to a deep silence. I am guided by heart and on occasion caught in the maze of a mind that can never be satisfied. My freedom happens when I surrender to what is and stop chasing what will never be yet knowing things can change if am willing to change. Being that Change in a perpetual state of transition and realizing that I am not any of the waves. Thank you for being a part of my journey no matter how brief.


Alexa said...

our journeys have intersected a few brief times and i really do appreciate having you as someone in my life. i sometimes feel scared to be as free as you and just walk away from everyday comforts...but maybe that's just something i'm not supposed to do. i really enjoy reading your blog and getting someone else's view on the world.

peace and safety,
alexa davis (toppless painted girls at Roo 07)

TedeVan said...

As we find a greater inner comfort the outer because less important and we end getting that as well. Our focus becomes internal and the peace that we feel is of greater value then anything we can obtain externally.

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